I have just completed nine months on your program, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you have helped me accomplish! When I came to you, I was depressed, fat, listless and just generally miserable. I was taking nine pills throughout the day to control my blood pressure, my pants size was 40, my golf game was terrible and I hurt all over!

So here is where we are today: I have lost over 30 pounds and not by starving myself, rather by learning how to eat and getting terrific guidance from Barbara Schuman on nutrition. My pants size is now 33. I have energy, I am back to a 10 handicap in golf and my general outlook on life is wonderful. I now take supplements designed for my body chemistry, and I am down to three pills a day. My blood pressure is controlled.

In short, you have taught me how to restore my health and mental well-being. The care, concern and follow-up in your practice by Brenda is unsurpassed. You approach every problem in a rational and open-minded way that takes into account a total health view. I trust your judgment and guidance and most importantly your vast knowledge.

Thank you and your wonderful staff for restoring my health and providing a pathway to continue on this healthy journey. I cannot thank you enough.

Larry Goetz