Menopause And Peri-Menopause

Dr. Bob Willix

Menopause And Peri-Menopause A Life Transition Not A Disease

By Dr. Robert D. Willix Jr.

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Women all over the world and in the United States are often confused about the use of bioidentical hormones during a transitional phase of life known as menopause. There is a tremendous amount of confusion and concern about the use of hormones during a phase of life when women most often need help. Loss of energy, weight gain, night sweats, depression and even chronic fatigue or some of the common signs of hormonal changes between the ages of 40 and 55 in American women.

Menopause is not a disease it is a transition from childbearing age to the prime of life. Loss of libido sex drive vaginally dryness are among the many symptoms that women suffer from during this transitional phase. It is often preempted by irregular periods, PMS, loss of libido, [demineralization of bones] osteopenia, and fatigue phase known as peri-menopause. There is a lot of confusion in the medical literature based on the use of Premarin (pregnant mares urine), a hormone inadvertently used in the women’s health initiative that clearly showed no significant findings were equivocal. Many women are concerned about utilization of hormones and breast cancer, uterine cancer, and heart disease. There is strong evidence to suggest bioidentical hormones not only protect breast, uterus, and the heart are essential during these phases of life hormone optimization is a pillar of optimal health.

Enlightened living medicine we have decades of experience in the use of bioidentical hormones, herbology, homeopathy, and Eastern methods of natural medicine that can address the signs and symptoms of this transitional phase of life so that women can remain vigorous. We approach menopause and peri-menopause as though it signs and symptoms are always correctable with one evaluates and treats the imbalances that are created during this change of life. Many solutions including the use of natural remedies, meditation, nutritional modifications, and counseling exercise anti-inflammatory nutrients can curtail many of the symptoms that occur during the menopausal era.

Our philosophy at enlightened living medicine ELM is that there are no symptoms of menopause that represent the true disease so therefore we feel that our approach is unique and individualized to each women’s needs. No longer do women need to go for psychiatric help for the hormonal changes that occur in the neurochemical axis we can be dealt with through natural herbal remedies. Call today.

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